20 May

Are you wondering where to buy mooncake in Singapore? This year, indulge in Bread Garden's rich, flavorful, and lovingly crafted mooncakes to commemorate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore with your loved ones, family, and friends.


Our mooncakes are available in all of the popular flavours that Singaporeans enjoy and find delight in, and are packaged and presented in exquisitely designed boxes that are ideal for gifting, using only premium and fresh ingredients.

Whatever your mooncake preferences are, Bread Garden has something for you in this good mooncake promotion, whether it's the rich, creamy sensation of MSW durian mooncakes, the delicate pinchy and chewy feel of snow skin mooncakes, or the nostalgic-inducing traditional mooncakes.

MSW Durian Mooncakes

Our MSW (Mao Shan Wang) durian mooncakes are without a doubt our best-selling mooncake variant every mid-autumn festival, delighting the taste buds and warming the hearts of countless Singaporeans and tourists over the years.

Only 100 percent pulpy premium MSW durian puree is used in our durian mooncakes, which are lovingly handmade using a technique perfected over time with pure dedication and unwavering commitment to deliver you the best mooncake experience in Singapore.

Look no further than our selection of arguably the best durian mooncake in Singapore; check it out in the mooncake promotion.

Snow skin mooncake

The skin of the snow skin mooncake is soft and the texture is thin but chewable. It's usually best served chilled, like ice cream.

To heighten the mid-autumn festive mood, some people eat it with a small cup of hot tea. Check out the mooncake promotion for more information.

Traditional mooncake

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival, has been a part of Chinese culture for centuries.

It began as a harvest festival in China and is now celebrated in a variety of Asian cultures and regions, including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and a large population across Southeast Asia, as well as various Chinese communities around the world.

The festive season in Singapore is important for more than just spending time with family and friends; it is also an opportunity to strengthen personal and business relationships through mooncake gifting.

While mooncake packaging and presentation have become more elaborate and sophisticated with each passing festival, taste preferences have largely remained consistent over time, with traditional mooncakes – the lotus paste and egg yolk varieties – remaining a favourite.

Traditional mooncakes must be consumed alongside a pot of fragrant Chinese tea, according to some, in order to truly experience the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Bread Garden is dedicated to keeping the tradition of "appreciating the moon" alive by offering the most delectable traditional mooncakes. Take advantage of the mooncake promotion at Bread Garden today to get a taste of culture.

Halal Mooncake

We have halal mooncakes for our Muslim friends because Bread Garden is a halal-certified bakery.

The ingredients that make up our mooncakes are also extremely safe, clean, and environmentally friendly, with no loss of the richness of taste for which our bakery products have become known in the market, thanks to strict halal-compliant food manufacturing sourcing and production requirements.

If you're looking for halal mooncakes to share with your Muslim and non-Muslim friends for the Mid-Autumn Festival, our mooncakes are perfect. Take a look at the mooncake promotion for more information.

Why choose mooncakes from Bread Garden?

Over the years, Bread Garden mooncakes have delighted the palates and hearts of countless Singaporeans, and we are committed to providing the best mooncake experience possible for future festivals.

When you buy mooncakes from Bread Garden, you're buying a labour of love, dipped in a love of heritage and all things good and warm about our shared culture.

Bread Garden's extensive menu of mooncake varieties, particularly its traditional mooncakes, does not disappoint mooncake fans.
The traditional mooncakes from Bread Garden are enhanced not only by their beautifully adorned box covers, but also by their fragrant golden crust in a variety of creative flavours.

The Golden Emerald is the signature mooncake as well as one of the traditional mooncakes. It is Breagarden's best-selling book of all time.
The Golden Emerald mooncake is a special mooncake with a fragrant internal crust that entices your taste buds with a unique texture and flavour combination.

The aroma of pandan is released by the lotus paste seed. When combined with the egg yolk, the Golden Emerald becomes a work of art.

Try the Golden Red Emerald mooncake, which has a rich green tea red bean filling and is a nice change from the usual lotus paste.

In comparison to the Golden Emerald collections, there are far more varieties available. Other popular traditional mooncakes on the menu include the Golden Royale, Royal Milk Tea, Coco Divine, and Coco Lava mooncakes.

Another popular traditional mooncake on Bread Garden's shelves is the Golden Royale. It has a fragrant golden crust with a delectable custard and salted egg yolk. People's desire to try new types of mooncakes is satisfied by this combination.

All mooncake orders placed on Singapore's main island receive free delivery. For more information on delivery times, please contact us.
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